Free Virtual Metering Webinar

What You Will Learn

What Virtual Meters are, how they work, the benefits they bring; from seeing production in real-time to production optimization. You’ll find out about real-world field examples, expected performance, and how they are auto-calibrated for on-going excellence.


Virtual meters offer a variety of benefits, some of which are mentioned above:

  • The engineers and asset managers can see the production from individual wells, all three phases, between tests, continuously.
  • Spending on expensive meters is reduced, eliminated for individual wells.
  • Software is cheaper than multiphase flow meters, for procurement and installation and for on-going maintenance.
  • Our virtual meters are self-calibrating.
  • If sufficiently accurate, virtual meters can be used for allocation (how much oil and gas came from which well and zone, owned by different parties).


Carl Cook, Chief Technical Officer of IntelliDynamics, a division of BioComp Systems, Inc. Carl has delivered hundreds of virtual meters world wide since the year 2000, off shore, on shore and in unconventional assets.


Attendee Quotes

“What you say is exactly what I have been experiencing in the past 18 years working with upstream virtual metering.”
~ J. B. in Europe

“Thank you. Very good session.”
~ T. A. in the U.K.