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Intellect is our suite of microservices and tools that access data, clean and pre-process it, model, predict, and optimize your product and process performance.  Optimize one work center, an entire facility, across facilities, and in some cases, operations across an entire nation.  Intellect has specialized capabilities for discrete, batch, continuous and hybrid operations across industries.

Process Intelligence

Intellect is innovative industrial AI software with a focus on performance prediction and optimization that drives your success

Improved Performance

Understand what drives process and product performance, enabling you to perform to spec while maximizing production.

Field Proven

Spanning 25 years, Intellect has proven itself over and over in many types of operations from discrete parts assembly to controlling refineries and oil and gas platforms.

Cluster Computing

Cloud, on-prem or hybrid, Intellect operates centrally, at the edge and most often both, delivering it's compute power where it is needed.

Will Intellect work for you?  Sure!  It talks to SQL Server, OSISoft PI, DCSs, SCADA, Oracle, Honeywell PHD, Yokogawa Exaquantum, Siemens, WinCC, OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC UA, text files, Excel, QC lab systems, and more, bi-directionally!  If we can get the data we can help you succeed.

Industrial AI Services

We are engineers, serving engineers, providing a broad array of services to implement solutions well-matched to your specific needs and operations.  We work with your IT and Controls teams to implement and maintain Intellect systems.

Oil & Gas Sector Services

IntelliDynamics provides industry leading virtual metering and production optimization solutions to the oil and gas industry, leveraging advanced data analytics and machine learning for enhanced operational efficiency. Our services enable precise real-time monitoring and management of production, leading to significant improvements in productivity and production control.

Aerospace Industry Services

We are dedicated to offering innovative solutions to the aerospace industry. We specialize in providing manufacturing optimization services that are designed to maximize the productivity and performance of your products. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our extensive experience in the field as well as our in-depth understanding of the unique challenges that the aerospace industry faces.

Manufacturing Services

We help you enhance product and process performance in discrete, batch, continuous, and hybrid manufacturing by integrating advanced technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and predictive analytics.


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Intellect 5000

IntelliDynamics Announces
Intellect 5000 Series

The next generation of Intellect is coming for 2024. Learn more...

IntelliDynamics Completes Pilot

IntelliDynamics demonstrates the ability to do virtual metering, single well optimization and multiwell optimization in the burning sands of the Middle East.

Gas Company Renews Services

A significant natural gas producer in Eastern Europe has renewed support and maintenance in their virtual metering and hydrates inhibitor estimation system.

Australian Customer Renews Support

An oil and gas producer operating two platforms in the Timor Sea has renewed Intellect support for the eighth year.

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We have customers all over the world.  From Asia Pacific to South America and Eastern Europe to the Middle East.  We have a network of partners to serve your needs around the globe and around the clock…

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