Industrial AI

What is Industrial AI?

Industrial Artificial Intelligence (Industrial AI) is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to revolutionize industrial companies’ traditional production processes and operations. Intelligent software is used to access your process, materials and quality data, synchronize it into unified time-series data sets, clean, pre-process it, analyze, model, predict and optimize your products and industrial processes. Industrial applications of AI enable you to leverage your data investment to increase performance, yields, uptimes, blends, consistency, rates, and product performance conformance to customer expectations.

Industrial AI also provides knowledge discovery to identify key drivers of product and production performance and anomalies in process conditions to predictively avoid product and maintenance problems, enabling predictive and preventive maintenance that cuts costs and improves safety.

Industrial AI is quickly becoming a requirement for business as the competitive landscape quickly adapts to this technology.

Overview of AI Techniques Used in Industry

Industrial AI systems employ AI techniques such as supervised machine learning, unsupervised clustering algorithms, statistics, and reinforcement learning to model relationships between raw material characteristics and process conditions to estimate product properties and operating conditions vs. production rates. Other optimization technologies, such as Genetic Algorithms and Gradient Ascent, are used to find strategies to optimize product assembly operations, production allocations, production rates, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The models estimate product properties, fault probabilities, predictions (future looking), and the like. Advanced statistical models and properties are used to monitor data and look for “anomalies”, odd behavior which may indicate a problem, or sometimes the possibility of an improvement. These predictive models can monitor sensors and alert you to possible sensing problems.

Benefits of AI-Driven Industrial Systems

Industrial AI applications provide significant cost savings by reducing downtime, improving yields, and allowing businesses to stay ahead of their competition. AI-driven operations can identify potential problems before they occur and optimize production processes to make them more efficient. AI systems also allow for faster product development cycles and a better understanding of customer preferences through data-driven insights. AI models can also be used to optimize inventory management and pricing as they provide more accurate forecasts and predictions of demand. AI-driven industrial systems are replacing traditional manual processes, allowing companies to stay competitive in the changing industrial environment.

Generally, we work to achieve 100% ROI per month from your industrial AI investment.

Recommendations for AI Adoption in Industry

If your business is looking to implement AI into its operations, there are a few steps you should take. First, it’s important to understand the current state of AI and the available AI-driven solutions. You should evaluate whether AI can provide value in your specific industry or operation. Once you have identified potential use cases for AI, you should look into the available AI-driven products and determine which ones offer suitable solutions. Finally, you should evaluate the AI-driven product in terms of cost, scalability, and performance to ensure that it meets your needs. AI is quickly becoming a key player in the industrial space. With careful planning, it can provide significant value, turning your industrial data into bottom-line benefits for your company.

We’ve been providing our Intellect suite of AI technologies into manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, pulp and paper and other discrete assembly and process industries for more than 20 years. Our field-proven solutions are presently optimizing unit operations, oil and gas wells, platforms, central processing facilities, and entire corporations’ production assets worldwide.


Industrial AI is revolutionizing the way industrial businesses operate. AI-driven operations enable companies to stay ahead of their competition by providing insights into customer preferences, reducing downtime, and improving yields. AI models can be used to optimize inventory management and pricing as they provide more accurate forecasts and predictions of demand. AI-powered systems are quickly becoming a requirement for businesses to stay competitive in the changing industrial environment. We strive to achieve a 100% ROI per month from AI investments to ensure that your business gets the most out of AI-driven operations.