Intellect 5000 Series Industrial AI Servers

Recently, we announced the Intellect 5000 Series industrial AI servers for 2024. But what did we mean by “Series” rather than merely a “version”?

The Intellect 5000 Series Industrial AI technology is a sophisticated line of increasing sophistication and capabilities designed for various levels of data management, analysis, modeling, prediction, optimization, and control in industrial settings. Here’s a brief overview of each level within the series:

Intellect 5100: This is the entry-level server in the series. Its primary function is data access and distribution, acting as a data hub. It talks to Distributed Control Systems, SCADA Systems, data historians, SQL Server, Excel, text files, and much more. It moves data from one place to another, making it essential for basic data handling and transfer within industrial systems.

Intellect 5200: A step up from the 5100, the 5200 level includes the capabilities of data access, cleansing, and processing. It applies mathematical and theoretical calculations and is capable of generating reports. This level is suitable for industries where data needs to be refined and processed for further analysis. It functions as a real-time compute engine.

Intellect 5300: Building on the capabilities of the 5200, the 5300 adds functionalities for modeling, estimation, and prediction. It is well-suited for applications like virtual meters, calculating failure probabilities, and predictive maintenance, making it a more advanced tool for data analysis, modeling, and prediction. It employs sophisticated data-driven self-optimizing neural modeling that runs human-directed or autonomously and a framework for making estimates in real-time.

Intellect 5400: This level includes all the capabilities of the 5300 and adds optimization features. It’s designed for scenarios where not only data access, analysis, and prediction are required but also the ability to optimize processes and outcomes based on the data insights. It is capable of optimizing near-limitless processes individually or as a unified system.

Intellect 5500: The most advanced level in the series, the 5500, offers optimal open and closed-loop product and process control. This level is ideal for industries requiring not just data analysis, modeling, prediction, and optimization but also the ability to control and adjust processes in real time.

Each level in the Intellect 5000 Series is tailored to meet the increasing complexities and demands of our customers’ industrial data management, processing, and control needs, offering a range of solutions from basic data handling to advanced predictive and optimization capabilities.

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