Control Your Product Attributes to a Setpoint

Materials + Process Conditions = Product Properties

Lab-based Quality Control means the production line makes product, a sample is taken to the lab, one or more tests are done, some tests may take hours, days or even a week, the results are reviewed and then materials or process conditions are adjusted to keep product on-spec.

Unfortunately, in an operation such as this a LOT of off-spec product can be produced before you even know that you have a problem. Product that needs to be reworked, recycled, downgraded or just tossed.

You need a way to see and control quality directly on the production line itself.

True Quality Control

  • Step 1: Model Materials + Process = Quality
  • Step 2: Estimate Quality Live On-Line
  • Step 3: Model-Predictive Quality Control
  • Adjust and See Quality in Real-Time
  • Know What Drives Product Performance
  • Run Faster and Tighter to Specs

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