Free Anomaly Detection Webinar

What You Will Learn

What Anomaly Detection is, how it works, the benefit it brings; from seeing problems forming in real-time to production and process improvement. You’ll find out about real-world field examples, expected results, and on-going excellence.


Anomaly detection offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • The engineers and asset managers can see unusual operating conditions for their processes.
  • Avoid equipment damage, expensive repairs and downtime by being alert before problems occur.
  • Capitalize on unusually good operations. See it, know it, understand how to make better product, yields, rates, etc.
  • Observe processes using sophisticated multivariate, multidimensional analytics giving competitive advantage.


Carl Cook, Chief Technical Officer of IntelliDynamics, a division of BioComp Systems, Inc. Carl has delivered hundreds of modeling, prediction, optimization and anomaly detection systems world wide since the year 2000, off shore, on shore and in unconventional assets.