Intellect 5000 Series: The Future of Industrial AI

Intellect 5000

Revolutionize Your Engineering with Intellect 5000

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in industrial automation and data integration. Intellect 5000, the latest addition to the renowned Intellect line of Industrial AI server software, is here to transform the way engineers and engineering managers in chemicals, manufacturing, and oil & gas industries approach their operations.

Benefits that Speak Volumes

With Intellect 5000, anticipate:

Predictive Product Performance
Make informed manufacturing decisions based on lab results, material properties, and process conditions.

Proactive Performance Management
Identify and address potential problems before they escalate.

Optimization Recommendations
Receive actionable advice to enhance product and process performance in manufacturing, or how to operate assets for maximum production.  Even put a setpoint on your production.

Production Rate Predictions
Accurately forecast production rates.  One common use is Virtual Metering in oil and gas.

Exceptional ROI
Experience a significant return on investment through enhanced operational efficiency.

Deep Process Insights
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your process and product performance

Versatile Operation Optimization
Tailor your approach to assembly, batch, continuous, and hybrid operations.

Performance Optimization and Control
Maintain product performance and production rates at optimal setpoints.

Comprehensive Asset Optimization
Achieve peak performance across all your assets and unit operations.

Technical Power Meets Unmatched Efficiency

Intellect 5000 stands out with its:

Microservice Architecture with Integrated Service Discovery
Experience unlimited capacity, ensuring seamless scalability and flexibility.  Start modeling, predicting and optimizing one unit operation, with the capacity to grow to optimize 1000’s of operations across your entire corporation.

Microsoft Active Directory Integration
Enjoy secure and reliable authentication tailored for enterprise environments.

On-board Open Policy Agent
Robust authorization mechanisms safeguard your sensitive information and operations.

On-board Neo4j Graph Database
Harness the power of true relational data for intricate analysis and decision-making.  Find causes to effects.  Find how a particular process variable impacts your entire operation.

LLMs for Process Insight
Large Language Models (LLMs) are all the rage, but by operating your own custom advisor, you can deepen your understanding of processes and products with cutting-edge language model technology.

Cloud or On-Premises Agility
Flexible deployment options to suit any operational environment, be it cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Comprehensive SCADA Integration
Bi-directional communication with all distributed control, data historians, and SCADA systems for seamless data integration.

Hybrid AI Modeling
Autonomous, self-optimizing modeling technology that evolve and adapt to your unique operational needs.  This proven technology has been in use by thousands of people in commercial and industrial operations.

Comprehensive Internal Data Dictionary
A single source of truth for all tags, variables, and unit operations.  Includes how the data relate to each other, both from a IT perspective, but also how they functionally relate to each other too.

25 Years of Field-Proven Technology
Building on IntelliDynamics’ legacy of reliability and innovation in industrial AI.

Customizable Web Dashboards Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces designed for the modern engineering professional.

Join the Industrial AI Revolution with Intellect 5000

Ready to step into the future of industrial AI? Intellect 5000 is not just a product; it’s a partnership in your journey towards operational excellence. Embrace the change, and let Intellect 5000 guide your path to innovation and efficiency.

That’s a lot of technology and benefits.  No worry, we are happy to work with you to set it all up and provide ongoing support, ad-hoc to 24×7 services.