Industrial Analytics

We help people just like you clean, visualize, understand, predict, optimize and control their manufacturing and production processes. With more than 2,000 accounts and 10,000 licensed users we've helped customers like you succeed in improving their performance through analytics.

Data Feasibility

Complimentary Analysis

Got data? Send us a sample and we'll do a free analysis and send you a report. It's a great way to get started! Give us a call.

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Predictive Analytics

Industrial Analytics of Things

In the industrial setting, device and sensor technologies are rapidly becoming more intelligent and directly "on the net", bringing us more data from everywhere and needing to go anywhere.

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Oil and Gas

Virtual Metering

Data-driven virtual flow meters enable you to see oil, gas and water production in real-time between well tests. Not only are they accurate but they are self maintaining with little or no effort on your part.

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Some of our valued customers...

Some of our customers.