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Intellect is our suite of server and desktop tools that enable advanced data access, cleansing, pre-processing, visualization, predictive modeling, diagnostics, anomaly detection, virtual meters and sensors, predictive failure alerts and optimization technologies used in oil production, gas processing, aerospace, steel, mining, manufacturing and many more industries world-wide.

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Server Technology

Intellect Server


The 24/7/365 real-time and batch processing server software that puts your solutions on-line.

Based on streaming events or timers, it gets and synchronizes data from a wide variety of sources, cleans, converts, predicts, decides, alerts, recommends and optimizes your performance throughout your organization. Fully multi-threaded parallel execution.

Runs on everything from your laptop to the data center, to the control room, even out on an oil platform.

Includes 50,000+ transactions per second data historian for intermediate results, storing not just data, but objects such as events, parameters, ...

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Desktop Tools



The key desktop tool for experts, Expert is used to configure data virtualization, data handling including logic, math, data pre-processing, cleansing, converting, event detection, perform predictive and cluster modeling, create state detectors, and on-line reporting tasks. Save your solutions to disk and later use Designer to put them on-line.

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Anomaly is a desktop tool to do data handling and pre-processing, cleansing, converting data into useful time series and then create anomaly detection systems by applying a variety of anomaly detectors. Put them on-line in the Intellect Server using Designer and be alerted to unusual situations in real-time.

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iImprove is a desktop tool to create model-based predictive optimizers. Load up models, set hard constraints on setpoint values, set one or more objectives each minimized, maximized or targeted at a desired value and create optimization solutions that can give recommendations or closed-loop model predictive control within the Intellect Server.

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Designer is a drag-n-drop tool to run solutions on-line in real-time in the Intellect Server. Drag any of hundreds of different kinds of tasks onto a worksheet, draw links to connect them, save to the Intellect Server.

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Intellect Console


Manage Your Online Solutions. Organize your solutions into a context heirarchy, set properties, start, pause and stop 100's or 1000's of operating solutions. Manage users, rights and roles.

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Intellect runs around the clock, 24/7/365... in real-time

Lights Out, Day And Night

Intellect doesn't sleep

Intellect runs all day, all night, accessing data, processing it, predicting and optimizing your performance. Fault tolerant, auto-recovering, self-maintaining and ever vigilant.


... what drives your performance

Bring Data Together From Everywhere

From the simplest text files, Excel, Access, to SQL Server, Oracle, and even OSISoft PI, pull your data together, synchronize it, clean it, and convert it into something useful.

Visualize Cause and Effect

... relations and trends in line charts, in 2D and 3D scatter plots, histograms and more.

Learn Key Drivers

... of your performance. Learn what makes your processes "tick", what causes success and failure, and how to boost your performance to new levels.


... what your performance will be

Put it On-Line... In Real-Time

Build predictive analytics models and put them on-line, in real-time and as you make changes and improvements to your process watch your performance climb.

See Problems Before They Occur

Intellect's predictive models diagnose and predict faults and sensor problems before they turn into monetary losses.


... and control your performance

"Closed Loop" Control Your Performance in Real-Time

Let Intellect determine what to do and do it, all day, every day. Now you have a setpoint for your performance. Punch it in, let Intellect take you there.


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