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Do you have process, quality and/or materials data?

Do you want to understand what factors influence product quality?

  •   Send us a sample of your data
  •   We'll analyze it and send you back a 10-20 page Word report

We treat our relationships confidential and we are happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement if needed.

Data Analytics

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The Fine Print...
  1. You must represent a company who is or may become a customer. Your contact information must be from that company.
  2. Your data must be less than 100 variables and less than one million rows (just to keep things realistic).
  3. This analytical service is limited to 16 person-hours. If it looks to take more than that we'll discuss it with you.
  4. You must have a specific business objective in mind, such as understanding which variables affect another or how well one variable can be predicted by others
  5. The data must be real. No contrived data just to see what we can do with some synthetic dataset. We have enough experience to sniff out fake data.
  6. We have the option to decline your request, for a reason, or no reason, or because we are busy, or went on vacation in Sorrento, Italy.